Sonic IDs

Record and submit a Sonic ID to National Radio Day. A Sonic ID is like an audio postcard or photograph. It can be a poem, an anecdote or joke, a slice of overheard conversation–a vignette. Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media describes them as, “sudden narratives or images.” Read about the creation of Sonic IDs and listen to examples.

You can upload and submit your Sonic ID through our online form.

Have questions about Sonic IDs? Contact: [email protected]


2016 Sonic IDs:

A Year At KBOO Community Radio in Portland, OR

Download KBOO Sonic ID

Description: A sonic collage of some of the cosponsorships, special programs, and other great things that happened on the air at KBOO Community Radio in Portland, Oregon in 2016.

KFFP, Freeform Portland, OR: Why Do You Love Freeform?

Description: This sonic ID was recorded after a Freeform Portland all-volunteer meeting in June — you can hear the all the activity in the room in this recording. We asked the question, “why do you love Freeform Portland?” This is what the hosts and DJs had to say.
Download KFFP Sonic ID

WTJU, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

Download WTJU National Radio Day Promo #1

Download WTJU National Radio Day Promo #2

Radio Survivor Podcast

Description: A series of sound bites from the Radio Survivor program celebrating the diversity, strengths and challenges of community radio.
Music credit: “Modulation of the Spirit” by Little Glass Men, used under a CC-by license.
Download Radio Survivor Sonic ID

WRGE, Ocala, FL

Description: Celebrating National Radio Day we put together this short audio snippet of some of our what our station sounds like.
Download WRGE Sonic ID, Portland, OR

Description: The story of XRAY. Who we are and what we’ve done to build for the community.
Download “The Story of XRAY”

2015 Sonic IDs:

KWIS, The Voice of the Coeur d’ Alene Tribe Sonic ID

Download KWIS Sonic ID

WRKF Sonic ID: A then and now spot

Download WRKF Sonic ID

Sonic ID from freelancer Daniel Lewis: The Negative Energy Sprays Out The Can

Description: I spoke with Anthony “Spinchenzo” Scririca, a graffiti artist from Corona, Queens at 5Pointz, a hub for street art in New York City in October, 2013. A few weeks later, all of the art at the graffiti center was whitewashed overnight by the building’s owner. Demolition to make way for new condos began the next fall.
Download “The Negative Energy Sprays Out The Can”

“Hi!” from The Union of Time Thieves, from KBOO, Portland, OR

Description: The Union of Time Thieves, a program inspired by the works of the Situationist International, wishes to give all you doing-it-from-scratch folks some verbal props.Thanks, radio theater makers! Thanks, audio experimenters and art-makers! Thanks, creators of the unclassifiable!
Download “‘Hi!’ from The Union of Time Thieves”

“It’s 2am,” by David Cole, from WRFL 88.1 Radio Free Lexington

Description: A poem about late-night deejaying from one of the deejays at WRFL Lexington.
Download “It’s 2am”

“What is Art?” by WXOX 97.1 DJs

Description: , WXOX 97.1 Louisville, lp, has an amazing collection of talented artists from all walks of life who are the DJs of artxfm. To celebrate National Radio Day we wanted to answer the question: What is art?
Download “What is Art?”

2015 Promo Share:

For 2015 National Radio Day stations submitted short promos for their stations and programs to share:

From KWIS, The Voice of the Coeur d’ Alene Tribe:

From KBOO, Portland, OR:

From KAOS, Olympia, WA: