• Promo Share: Make a <1 minute promo for your station to share with others. (Photo credit: DRs Kulturarvsprojekt)
  • Radio Relay: Participate in station-to-station calls that hopscotch across the country.
  • Participating stations: Find a station near you to hear special National Radio Day programming.
  • Sonic IDs: Create and share little community vignettes — portraits, anecdotes, oral histories, overheard conversation, short poems, jokes, slices of life.

Thanks to everyone for making
2015 the biggest National Radio Day yet!

Here are some highlights:

If your station did something to celebrate please let us know.

Now we’re making plans for an even bigger National Radio Day next year.

We’d like to see more stations connect with each other, and help listeners discover additional fantastic stations. The goal is to strengthen the radio ecosystem, highlighting all kinds of radio, but especially stations that put a focus on local service. We want to ensure that amazing noncommercial stations are included in the national conversation.

Stay tuned for more news about National Radio Day on August 20, 2016!